NFTGecko's Weekend Reads! (1st June 2019)


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The Gecko trawled the NFT Space to help you stay updated for the week in 3 minutes!

NFT Battle cards game Gods Unchained releases its "largest update ever"

With a redesigned UI & UX, matchmaking master and zone servers, and communication protocol, the game now promises increased capacity of “beyond 10,000+ concurrent players”.

Cheeze Wizards raised over 1,000 ETH

Cheeze Wizards closed their week-long presale of Cheeze Wizards on 25th May with 698.75ETH raised, which is around $176,000 at current market price.

9 Lives Arena’s closed alpha kicking off on 24th June

First ever 9Lives “Alpha season” pits 999 players for a chance to win a prize pool of $10,000 CAD.

If monetary rewards isn’t your thing, winners will also be placed on the 9 Lives Arena Throne until the next season, bragging rights yo!

The alpha season will also give devs golden insight into assessing the game for future upgrades. But for most parts, this is the players’ chance to rack 'em killcounts.

Containment Corps introduces Enjin Multiverse assets

Cointainment Corps introduces Enjin Multiverse assets to promote interoperability, the update includes some improvements to User Experience and interface which will make your gameplay much more enjoyable!

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