Otaku's dreamland 😍



Found this NFT http://cryptogirl.game/, definitely an otaku’s dreamland :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Damn some anime-styled game with NFT costumes and accessories for your characters would be sooOO gOoD but this sounds alright :heart_eyes_cat:


I studied this game I think six months ago. And it was a scam with fake dau and eth volume. Idk how about now


Brings a whole new level of waifu ownership lol.

Can i rule 34 my own crypto girl NFT when i own them?


This one died long back. But I’ll be the first one to jump back at those waifus if they ever get a new and proper one going along with more than just a pyramid scheme at the bottom. Like actual games being based on it. Hell even an idol game will work lol


@Gmugr @adinalini so sad that this game died, if only it is alive, i will really be living my dreams in this NFT world and die in world peace :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Well, I first thought you’ll be talking about the https://otaku-coin.com/ project ^^ it’s not NFT but their roadmap looks interesting because of the use of their coin.