Play Containment Corps and Win a FIO NFT


Who else love tower defense games?


Nice! Thanks for sharing, will definitely take a look into it. I love TD games :smile:


Since you also like TD games, here’s another one to be on the lookout for


Sad that its not available on linux :frowning:


Yeah looks like it. Poor ole Linux always being left out of the party


Switch to Mac :wink:


Thanks buddy! This has actually been shared before earlier too, I actually am looking forward to this game. Read a few of the developer’s updates and it’s good to see it. To know that the development is still ongoing. Excited! :smile:


Oh snap, I just downloaded the game on Steam and found out that the last item has been given out earlier today :sob: Oh well, still gonna try out the game out later today though :smiley:


Too bad. Still a fun game to play though.

Here’s another TD game from Enjin. Kinda forgot about this game but they recently posted


Haha the game is pretty decent alright, just that their starting screen with all the turning and flying around gave me a bit of motion sickness!

I’ll look into the game you shared in a bit :slight_smile: Cheers buddy!


You’re welcome. Just sharing what I find interesting :slight_smile: