Sky Vault NFT Giveaway



Space Misfits, 9Livees Arena, Forgotten Artifacts, Alterverse, and Six Dragons asset giveaway


Damn! Enjin is on fire!


This is quite a good set of collection if i could have them all

  • 5 Sentinel Shields

  • Alterverse XR75 Purple Reign

  • Forgotten Artifacts Death’s Sigh Bow

  • Space Misfits Radioactive Annie

  • Space Misfits Scooter

  • Six Dragons Blessed Enchanted Scroll

  • Forest Knight Moonshine

  • 9 Lives Arena Heiner’s Sword


Yeah the prizes look pretty awesome. I want them all!


I heard there are a lot of releases this year. The Multiverse is really happening.


This one sound like a great event. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Everyone keep sharing what you find. I like Enjin games so I keep sharing them. Share other blockchain games that you like as well. Let’s all educate each other.


Other than Enjin and ERC721, there aren’t many other NFTs out there, basically opensea is aggregating majority of the games that are non Enjin at the moment. Really hope that Tron and EOS also put in some effort in creating NFTs as well


Speaking of Tron and EOS, any notable games released or coming out that we should check out?