Steem Monsters Starter Pack



I just got my Steem Monsters Starter Pack. Thank you @crystalhuman for giving the CoinGecko Starter Packs. The experience of redeeming it was fairly easy, just needed to create an account with Steem Monsters and i can claim it. If you buy a starter pack, the fees of 3 Steem that is normally required for account creation is fully subsidize. This is really a plus point because i wouldn’t want to pay $10 for a starter and another 3 Steem for an account.

The card designs is pretty good and attractive, but the gameplay could still be further improved for an even better gaming experience. With the decision to move to Tron and rebranded as SplinterLands, hopefully the game could pick up more users along the way and improve further in terms of gaming experience.

Again i would like to welcome all Steem Monsters community members here in NFTGecko :hugs:


There are many updates to come! Hope to see you around, we are headed to the moon!


That is great, lets improve together and make the NFT space amazing


Can i totally beat your Pack? hahaha


First time seeing Steem Monsters, what is it?


A tcg based on Steem :slight_smile: very easy to understand and quite beautiful, finish the daily quest to earn more cards, or you can buy more if you want but imo you don’t need to buy anything to have fun with this game ^^


Tried out Steem Monsters yesterday, it is really easy to get started and i’m loving it. Planning to get more of it to support the community for the great job they have done so far. Super excited to be getting the latest updates on the progress of Steem Monster’s rebranding and integrating with Tron. There will definitely be a spike in terms of users for the game.


So I hear that Steem Monsters is now on Tron Blockchain?