Superrare cryptoart NFT: "Tree Of Origins" (Bitcoin/Ethereum themed)



Howdy GeckoNFT readers !
I haven’t yet used this forum as part of my “new art out, come buy it! Here’s how I made it!” marketing approach, so I thought I might as well start now with one of my latest works :wink:

One of my newest cryptoartworks :“Tree Of Origins” is now available on SuperRare !

I had lots of fun making this !!

Making my own art, I’ve finally grown to understand my sister’s penchant for sitting down in front of Netflix with her art supplies. No better feeling than creating something <3

(I’ve still got two of her excellent photos in my Superrare collection (1, 2), if anyone wants to see.)

I started out with a Weavesilk drawing, that I immediately imported into GIMP to place the logos on:

I then used that neat nudge trick I learned in my last work to try and connect the different parts, give it a more organic feeling than just icons hanging in the air:

After that, it was on to Deep Dream Generator, where I choose this style:

and got this beauty back:

I imported it back into GIMP for some last adjustments.

Mainly scaling the entire thing up, adding back in transparent versions of the smaller cryptocurrencies (given they’d completely dissipated XS) and applied several filters to adjust the appearance.

And with a final Old Photo filter, Voila:


Awesome! Really nice designs you have there, do you design all of it by yourself?


I do a mix of using Creative Commons imagery combined with processed Weavesilk drawings, then edit it together in GIMP.

This one, only the logo’s aren’t mine.

My latest work is entirely my own:

While the one before relies heavily on someone else’s art they’ve publicly released, combined with a lot of Deep Style and effects:

(for some reason the GIF won’t upload properly, so to see it completely you’ll have to check the link)