Top 10 Most Valuable Cryptokitties of All Time



Cryptokitties became the first cute and loveable digital cat collectibles that caught everyone’s eyes. Cryptocurrencies has boomed tremendously over the years and created many overnight multimillionaires. With the market still at its longest rally of the bear market, the richest are looking to spend their money elsewhere in this digital market. The love for these collectible kittens became surreal when enthusiasts start to invest jaw dropping amount of money in collecting these digital cats. How much would you actually spend in buying any of the these cryptokitties?

1. Dragon - 600 ETH ($173,310)

Dragon, also known as Kitty #896775 is the only non-generation 0 cryptokitty on this list, yet it is sold for a staggering 600 ETH on Sept 4th, 2018. This purchase has stirred up all the news websites within the cryptocurrencies space, causing viral explosion that spreaded to some mainstream media.

Many question were raised on why did the buyer bought it for such a high price? Many speculated that this may involve money laundering. Despite being named Dragon, with two Amethyst and two Lapis jewel cattributes, but other than that there is absolutely nothing out of ordinary about it. Dragon is just a generation 9 cryptokitty that is not exclusive or a special edition, but it does love to spy on the neighbours.

Perhaps there is some hidden characteristics of the cat that we are not seeing? Or the buyer has an emotional attachment with his cat named Dragon? It may be bought by accident when he was drunk and woke up the next morning regretting it? It seems like the real reason for this unusual buy will be left unknown like how Satoshi Nakamoto is.

2. Founder Cat #18 - 253.33 ETH ($114,462)

Founder Cat #18 was the most highly valued cryptokitty before Dragon was “accidentally” sold for 600 ETH. There will only be 50,000 generation 0 cryptokitties ever created. What makes these generation 0 kitties special is they are the very first few kittens created directly from the smart contracts without any parents, similar to the belief that Adam and Eve were the first man and woman.

Founder Cat #18 interestingly loves inviting other kitties over when no one is around and listen to Rihanna while Dancing in the Dark. Especially with those cute round innocent eyes, everyone would fall in love.

3. Fluffy Founder - 247 ETH ($111,602)

Fluffy Founder is the first cryptokitty with a Fluffy tail and a wise man’s eyebrows. Looking very much like how a wise asian parent would, it is definitely a must to add to our digital cat collection. Although looking wise, Fluffy Founder still got into a fight with a rooster and won the fight. Probably that fight was to protect its childrens.

Fluffy Founder was sold for 247 ETH about 8 hours before the younger looking Founder Cat #18 took the crown of being the most valuable cryptokitty at that time.

4. Genesis - 246.926 ETH ($114,050)

Genesis is the first cryptokitty ever created and in my opinion should be at the most valuable cryptokitty collectible positioned at the top of this list.

With the jewels on its forehead, it emits the vibe of a princess that stands at the top, ruling over the cryptokitties kingdom. Genesis is so special and being the only cryptokitty with such status, it feels like a missing piece in our collections.

The price of 246.926 ETH for Genesis seems to be quite reasonable to me when it was sold in Dec 21, 2017 and i believe that there is no ceiling to the true value of this kitten. Lets all pray and hope that the owner will put Genesis up for sale soon for us to have a chance in adding it to our collection.

5. Founder Cat #21 - 237.546 ETH ($111,143)

Founder Cat #21 was actually sold for 9.861 ETH ($4,554) just 5 days before it was resold for 237.546 ETH on Dec 8, 2017. The beard gave it a slightly evil look and it believes that cats will rule the world one day. This is definitely a digital cat to look out for before it really takes over the world with its cuteness.

A few more cryptokitties that are sold for really high prices:

  1. Founder Cat #22 - 225 ETH ($105,273)
  2. C-A-T-S Cats! Cats! Cats! - #5 - 222 ETH ($99,529)
  3. Lucky - 190.051 ETH ($88,757)
  4. :cat:‍:eyeglasses:招き猫Founder Cat#35 VIRGIN - 188.89 ETH ($84,685)
  5. Virgin with Beard & Jaguar - 179.075 ETH ($80,911)

So are you making money buying or breeding Cryptokitties yet?

We took a look at the cattributes and it got us by surprise how easily you could collect a high valued cryptokitties just by looking for certain cattributes. There are 10 types of cattributes in the cryptokitties world at the moment, and found value in looking at certain traits.

These are the traits you would want to look for in a cryptokitty:

  • Pattern: Jaguar
  • Basecolour: Orange Soda
  • Eye colour: Mintgreen (Money colour)
  • Accent colour: granitegrey, kittencream

ETH price source:
Top cryptokitties sold source:

Most Expensive NFT?

I think the topic should be called "The highest purchases in the history of cryptokitties.

These kitties are not the most valuable to this moment. Most of them were bought during the crazy December of 2017 when thousands of players bought kitties without understanding their parameters.

You can see AllTime Sales History here:
But I recommend filtering the 2017 year:

The first place (600Eth) in the list holds the kitty who was played just a swap role for Eth. The kitty doesn’t have this value. I think it can cost near 10-20 eth only thanks to this history.

The 8 founders in the list are cool kitties of 100limit with unique cattribute Jaguar But to the moment their floor is around 30Eth:
And there are kitties that cost even more than founders.

Only Genesis (4) cost more than was sold as first NFT and exclusive kitty#1. Recently there was an offer on 100Eth to this Kitty that was not accepted. I think maybe the owner can accept 500-1000Eth offer.

The value of the cattributes in the game is not calculated as described in the post. No special in mintgreen or granitygrey or kittencream. You can buy like these kitties for 0.004Eth:
So don’t make kitties without understanding the basics, you will not get the token with the additional value.

Kitties with additional value are: fancies, purrstiges, gems, lowgen mutations, niceIDs, complexity of mewtations, FamilyJewwels/Badges kitties, etc
And they have a lot of differences and gradations within these groups

60-80% of kitties in the game will cost around breeding fee (0.008Eth) and they are more like spare parts for other 30%, and other can cost starting from the 0.01Eth floor to tens of Eth.
We have a lot of pretty stable and high floors and there are some bots that have calibrated filters to autobuy kitties for 1Eth as an upper limit.

And this is the main feature of the game that you can take two relatively cheap kitties and have a chance to make much more valuable token.
Or you should sort out in collection’s peculiarities and try to understand the trends and even not breed kitties