Unpopular opinion : Enjin (over)hyped?


Here is my last article on my thought about Enjin !


what do you think about it ? :slight_smile:


I may be biased since I like Enjin games.

In my opinion, Enjin is not overhyped. Maybe the supporters are hyped, but not the general masses.

I can personally name a few projects that are overhyped :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

At the end of the day, we’ll see what they’ll deliver. By the looks of it, they’re starting to deliver.


Enjin games you mean ? or other projects :slight_smile:


DKimura, where do you Enjin players hang out? on Discord?

Is there any place where I can see Enjin game transactions? On State of the Dapps seems like Enjin coin is not performing great


All we are waiting for the enjin games, most of which are still in development. And then we can judje.
Yes i think its a bit overhyped, but they have a good potential.


Enjin supporters hang out in Telegram:

Each game has a channel as well. Lots of discussions going on.

They haven’t released their games yet but there are a lot in alpha and beta testing. People are already playing.


I heard a lot of of their games are releasing this year plus Enjin is going live on mainnet soon.

Here’s a list of Enjin game channels in Telegram:

War of Crypta: https://t.me/warofcrypto
9Lives Arena: https://t.me/NineLivesArena
CryptoFights: https://t.me/cryptofightsgroup
Age of Rust: https://t.me/AgeOfRust
Forest Knight: https://t.me/Forestknight
Bitcoin Hodler: https://t.me/Bitcoin_Hodler
Cats in Mechs: https://t.me/catsinmechs
Titan Flight Studios: https://t.me/TitanFlight
HEX World: https://discordapp.com/invite/uhprSN3
AlterVerse: https://t.me/alterverse
Dyverse/Dynopoly: https://t.me/Dyverse
Beany Studio: https://t.me/magicespejo
Containment Corps: https://t.me/ContainmentCorp
Kriptomat: https://t.me/KriptomatOfficialChat
Makerverse: https://t.me/makerverse
The Six Dragons: https://t.me/thesixdragons
Enigma Games: https://t.me/enigmagamesinc
Forgotten Artifacts: https://t.me/forgottenartifacts
Kingdom Karnage: https://t.me/KingdomKarnage
A Turret’s Life: https://t.me/aturretslife
Nestables: https://t.me/nestablesoffical
Space Misfits: https://t.me/Spacemisfitsgame
Spirit Clash: https://t.me/SpiritClash
Dissolution: https://t.me/dissolutionofficial


I meant other projects. But I should take back what I said. I might inadvertently start a debate :smiley:

In any case, we’ll see in the end what Enjin will deliver. I’m personally hoping all the players in the industry succeed. It will benefit everyone in the space.

Personally, I like the gameplay and aesthetics of Enjin games that’s why I mainly support their projects (aside from the blockchain benefits).


I agree with your statement


well, without games to play it’s difficult to like the gameplay :smiley:

I hope too ! but as I wrote it in my article, i’m not sure at all that everyone share this point of view. Enjin games doesn’t mix with other NFT projects. Only promote themself :frowning:

only a bit ? x)

the erc-1155 is about to become the Enjin standard, not a Eth standard :confused:


Dunno where you get your information but I’m playing a bunch of Enjin games right now (Dissolution and Forgotten Artifacts) and waiting on the alpha relaunch of Space Misfits. The games are still in test net but will be live soon.

It looks like you have some fully formed opinions based on your article. I won’t argue with that.

All I can say is we’ll see how things go. We can be both right or both wrong. But for now, I’m enjoying my Enjin games. I hope you enjoy the games you’re playing as well :slight_smile: