What is your NFT portfolio?




Gods Unchained

Cryptokitties are super cheap, i bought for around 0.03 ETH each, and i bought the presale packs for Gods Unchained for 0.075 ETH.

Still collecting my ETH and waiting to buy some Axie Infinity and Etheremon. These are slightly more expensive, so gotta wait, but Axies are so cute!!!

What does your portfolio look like?


I also collected some Blockchain cuties!

Yes i know their cooldown is very long, but who cares when they look so cute! :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Free Etheremon!
I was looking to buy some Etheremon then found that i could claim the 3 basic Mons for free! Just need to pay some gas fees.

You can get it from https://www.etheremon.com/store, just create an account on Etheremon and sign your Metamask then you will get the 3 mons for free!


Some Axie (I think it’s on auction), Etheremon, and a Kittie or two.