What NFTs would you like to see from CoinGecko?


Earlier on we had the Christmas Gecko, then we had Red Gecko & Gecko eggs with Enjin and now we’re wondering what we could do next!

We’re pretty open to suggestions - Dragon Gecko to commemorate the next season of GoT? Shazam Gecko? Thanos Gecko? :smile:


Geckomon!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I prefer Geckocuties (blockchain cuties) or Gecko kitties :cat:


Gecko Dragon built on Decentraland. The land of dragons!!! @JohnSnow would love it


Call me Lord Snow!
Kill them all dragons!!!


Does CG plan to develop their own NFT game?


Any ideas what kind of Geckomon you’d like to see? I’m not too familiar with it myself, though it’ll definitely be a cool idea!


Pretty tough one… Gecko head with kitty body, or kitty head with Gecko body? :thinking:


At the moment we have no plans to develop a NFT game! We’re still focusing on what we do best (price aggregation, community building etc. :slight_smile: )


Can you at least spare the Gecko Dragon :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha… Just get one from the marketplace, there are still tons of them available


Spankgecko ? (Kidding)

The Gecko’s cars ! Or Gecko’s fireman, policeman, nurse… ^^


Kinky. :joy:

Thanks for the suggestion! We’re looking forward to pushing out new and meaningful Gecko NFTs so all suggestions are welcome!

Occupation themed Geckos could be fun eh :smiley:


As per my name,

Maybe… a Gecko holding cookies / cakes? A baker Gecko perhaps? :cake:


I’ll take any Gecko NFT :smiley::+1: How about a cute junior CoinGecko that came out of the Egg?


We’re actually super delighted and surprised to hear that the Gecko NFT has been pretty well received! We’re definitely looking to expand the Gecko line of NFTs but that’ll take a bit of time for the artworks :smiley: