When will Gods Unchained launch?


Been hearing the card game Gods Unchained for a while
Just visited https://godsunchained.com/ again only to be told that its still not ready to play
Anybody knows when can play?


What happened? I thought it was already launched?

Buy your 30 cards now and you could start playing already


gods unchained? Looks like a normal card game to me only


it looks cool actualy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uidu3V_oFGo


It will launch in about 4-6 months. Beta testing going on rn, soon beta will be opened to all, by about August-October. Global release with tourney and 1st season packs available for purchase

P.S- It is just a speculation based on current activity and dev posts, it may take a little less time or little more but most probably it should lie within this period.


Did u bought the packs? :heart_eyes:


Yeah I bought on the 4th day of presale with 16% discount (Not really, eth was about 500$ at that time sigh). I have about 750 cards.


Are you a beta tester? How’s the game? @adinalini


love the illustration https://etherscan.io/token/0x6EbeAf8e8E946F0716E6533A6f2cefc83f60e8Ab#inventory


:scream: 750 cards?! That’s a hell of alot, i only have 30 atm, but i bought in on the 1st day of presale :smirk:

What do u plan to do with so many cards?


How do i know which are the good cards?


I have the beta invite from the first day, but I broke my laptop and am stuck with 32 bit pc for now, so I cannot play it :sob: So far the gameplay videos look amazing! :slight_smile:

The only thing I do not like about GU is that they have locked trading of cards for now. This step is receiving a lot of backslash from the community.

Not allowing trading of trading cards and that too on blockchain where we should have true ownership is absurd.


Check out the discord channel for that, lots of discussion happens there everyday.
Also, you can always check the rarity of the cards :slight_smile:

Also, if you don’t have beta invite as of now, I suggest looking up gameplay videos. They give a lot of idea about the cards and meta rn.


Cards aren’t tradeable? Hope that’s only a necessity for now and not a design decision. I understand the backlash.


wait not tradable? Then what is the point?


:cold_sweat: Then what about the godsunchained cards i bought? why cannot trade? i thought i saw it on opensea?


Don’t worry @rxwong @Goorbun @DKimura, they plan on making the cards tradeable after playtesting the cards in beta and balancing it out.

Their so called reason is that if they make the cards tradeable now, and later change the stats, players might get angry.

I don’t find it a valid reason.

They have just locked trading for now so that people try buying more packs to complete their collection while not realizing that they can simply buy the cards they don’t have later.


Good to hear. It wouldn’t make sense for a TCG to not allow trading. Thanks for the info


I would still be angry that i have already got the card now and if they change the stats of my cards. And its NFT, so the stats should not be changeable at the first place
:rage: bad planning from the team


i worry people may move to playing MTG if they dont quickly get it out