Why waste my time with NFT? Its like the super complex version of normal games


Making life tough with all these complex blockchain, unique assets concepts when its just the same as normal games? Why bother?


NFT is much more special than you think, in traditional gaming like dota, when you buy a $100 skin, you won’t be able to use it in another game such as overwatch. Also if one day dota decided to shut down their game, all the money u invest in buying precious skins will be burned just like that.

NFTs are basically an asset stored in crypto and even if the game stops to function, you could still use the asset in some other game as it will be transferable between games. Isn’t this like super mindblowing? :star_struck:


Collectibles on the internet…

Sure, card games and collectibles are a thing on the internet since there is the internet. You can play MTG or Hearthstone and it’s the best online card games so far.

You also can and probably would have spent money for the cards. Those cards represent your possession, your arsenal, part of your gaming identity… But is it?

What happens if and when the servers shut down?

It’s not like it never happened before. MMO games sunset all the time.

But… what if there is a way to keep something to remember the game by, even after long it has sunset, what if there is a way to retain the precious memories of the countless hours you spent with online friends?

That, at the very least, is one the many promises of NFT.

Because NFT do not merely exist in a single server. It is publicly on-chain, kept alive on an immutable blockchain that will exist so long as miners still mine it.

Also, imagine Sword-Art-Online-esque ability to transfer your items/abilities from one game to another. In the anime, the compatibility is made possible by an open source virtual “World Seed”, IRL this open source software is the Blockchain (which i know sounds less dramatic that “World Seed”).

Overall, NFT is the evolution to online collectibles that may have uses extending far beyond gaming.