Why would you want to start a NFT Forum?


My question is pretty simple - why would CoinGecko be creating a forum specifically for NFTs? (I assume many others who are going to join would be interested in this as well)

p.s thanks for the invitation Jin, looking forward to see more stuffs around here :slight_smile:


Because Cryptokitties and Blockchain Cuties are cute! :heart_eyes:

Just sent them on an adventure! :relaxed:


Hey Buddy! Glad to have you over here and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts here! :smiley:

To answer your question:
Over here at CoinGecko we’re actually really big fans of NFT, and we’re always excited to try out new stuffs. A few things we did in the NFT space was the Christmas themed NFTs, followed by Chinese New Year themed NFTs, Axie giveaway and more! We also covered NFT topics in our Quarterly reports.

We’ve been pretty happy building and serving the “traditional” coin community, but we’d also like to venture more specifically into the growing NFT space, so here we are!

Once again, it’s awesome to have you here. Stick around and feel free to ask me questions if you have any!


Awesome bro! Been a big fan of CoinGecko for a while now and super glad that you are entering the NFT space


Just waiting for the day someone starts a 40k NFT. Spessh Muhreen FTW!!!