WTS My newest Superrare cryptoart NFTs : "Ether in the Dark" and "Ethereal Robotics"



My two latest cryptoartworks were made yesterday evening, and as usual took way longer than expected, turned out very different than planned, and were much more interesting than my original ideas :wink:


“Ethereal Robotics”

“Ether in the Dark”

Ethereal robotics was created using a relatively simple step by step procedure, though getting the “exact” output I used from each step is probably nigh impossible by chance… if it weren’t for the fact I wrote a tutorial on Cent.co :sunglasses:

The very basic outline of the different steps, for those who don’t want to read the full tutorial:

  1. Weavesilk generative drawing
  2. Deep Dream Generator for deep style transfer (using Creative Commons or public domain imagery… I like not being sued, thank you very much !)
  3. GIMP image editing, in this case the Kaleidoscope and Engraving filters were the primary ones.

Hope you liked my attempt at summarizing the creative process, while still linking to the original tutorial I wrote yesterday.

Here are the final artworks again:



If you liked my artworks, why not drop a few cents, or even a dollar’s, worth of Eth on the Cent post ?
Hell, I put a 1$ bounty on the tutorial post, so if you’re among the top 5 upvoted comments on Cent in 4 days, you’ll even get a little Eth back :heavy_dollar_sign:

And if you really liked them… Well, head on over to SuperRare and place a bid :heart_eyes:

I’m not insane enough to expect anyone to use the “buy now” price of 1 ETH… though it would stroke my ego immensely if someone did :star_struck: :face_with_monocle: :wink:


Really very nice artwork, but 1 ETH would probably be a little overprice? :thinking:


True. I just defaulted to 1 Eth for “buy now” when Eth was worth ~ 100$, but with the increase in prices I do think it’s time I choose a new default price.

I think I’ll go ahead and put it down to 0.4 Eth along with the rest of my artworks.

The original idea was that my average sales price was really low compared to the others, but now the average pricing has gone from 1 Eth for the big works to ~0.5-0.6Eth I believe :sweat_smile:


Nvm… I hadn’t been following along too much with the price increase, 0.3 might better.

Hand’t realized Eth had doubled in price since I set it. Yay !


I somehow missed this thread. Damn!

Anyway, @pbock your art looks really nice :smile: I won’t be buying the art since I’m not too big on collecting art. I’ve left you a small tip in Cent, and please - keep up the great work! Art is not an easy thing to do and I have great respect for those who do it :smile: